The Call

In Hopsquatch, humor, Office on February 12, 2011 at 19:56

You get the call. You were expecting it, yet you can’t beat the anxiety it brings. There is something racy and exciting about this even though it is just a phone call as of now.

You look around to check if anyone noticed. It is futile, your hushed tone and altered body language give you away like a desi at an English dinner. Soon, generalisations stop being conversationally constructive. You need to go to a secluded location.

The meeting room perhaps.

Darn, it is never vacant.

You make a dash for the stairway. Taking the lift will interfere with your GSM connection. You buy time with ‘ahas, hmms and hello-hellos?’ All the while ignoring furtive glances from current colleagues.

You finally make it to a dingy but lonesome corner at the curb below. It is just you and her now. And a world of possibilities. You are more polite than you were to your great-grandmother on her death bed. You are more expectant than a pregnant lady past her due date.

The conversation ends much too soon. But it leaves you with promises of the respect you deserve, lichen-like synergy and a better life in general. You keep looking at your phone for sometime replaying the treasured conversation in your head. When was the last time your current muse made you smile this way? You ask yourself.

But the promiscuous bliss is soon broken by the site of Mr. Butt who has stealthily been sipping his sixth tea of the day just 7 yards away.

His tobacco-stained smile has a hint of ‘I know what you did last sick leave’. He walks off in his BnW trousers. ‘Your canine loyalty has got nothing on me’, you smirk under your breath. There is a reason why they are called dog’s years.

Monogamy is so 21st century.

– J.

  1. Thnx

    we all have one or more Mr. Butts in our offices

  2. Its superb…like this…specialy Mr Butts chai wala line

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