Moving On

In Hopsquatch, Office on February 19, 2011 at 16:54

The tea stall down stairs, the short-cut you take to punch in on time and your hidden Jessica Alba folder.

Colleagues you love to hate, bosses who have become more of bungling uncles than professional superiors and peons who will bring you special tea and cigarettes as a personal favor.

They are part of your everyday life and can always be kept for tomorrow. But tomorrow never gets old, you do.

These are all soft toys. Little inherent value but subject to your projected fondness. They represent the familiar, cozy safety that helps you get old in anesthesia! They are not harmful by themselves but unfortunately do not represent reason enough not to move on. In an objective world of opportunities that is always in countdown mode, your only true companion is your own good judgment.

There are the homely types who would like nothing better than to stay indoors and play board games till they get gout. Then there are the self-defined ‘adventurous kind’ who like to explore or whatever other excuse their vain online profiles claim. Most modern-day professionals would fall somewhere in the middle. Not wanting to dig in at one place and travelling partly out of compulsion. But when a livelihood requires your most productive waking hours day in and day out, money is not compensation enough at the end of the month. If you would settle for professional, monetary and social obscurity, you’re probably not reading this post right now.

The thing about know devils is, well; they are devils. Unknown devils might turn out to be creatures more benevolent and worthy of your time. Beyond your cubicle surely lies another one. It may be bigger, smaller or smellier. But great things are accomplished from the confines of this contraption by those not mentally bound by it.










Thank your soft toys for the easy times you have spent with them. Keep them in a cozy folder on your online profile if you must. Parting is sweet for in abundance lies the seed of boredom. So tell your heavy heart to stop being a wuss and move on.


– J.


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