Personal Fortune and Private Profits

In humor, Office, Wage Slaves on April 25, 2011 at 03:33

A fortune is a subjective thing in relative terms. There is spiritual bliss and there is fool’s gold. But no matter what your disposition, the common theme is: you are always tailing it, never in the driver’s seat. And you can’t tell me the chase is better than the catch if neither of us has ever seen a catch, right?

It may turn out that we are not even on the right road or in the right vehicle. When words fail, numbers can illuminate. As we have already noted, statistics can be humbling. All assortments of career counselling and motivational hoopla can go out of the window in the light of a few honest numbers.

A recent PWC report says Indian firms make a profit of Re. 6 lacs per employee against an average salary of Re. 4.8 lacs. That is an unadulterated profit of Re. 15 per Re. 100 revenue generated per employee.
Sri Sathya Sai Central Trust
In other news, the recently departed/ascended Shri Sathya Sai Baba (from here on, referred to as SSSB) has left behind on earth a fortune of at least Re. 40,000 crores. That is 8 billion USD. Those of you in the pharmaceutical industry will be quick to note that this is almost as much as the revenue of the entire industry! So the revenue that lacs of us worker ants put together in a 12 month period is sitting pretty in this 1 fund. And to top it all, it is tax free! Technically, the SSSB fund can donate medicines for a year for the whole country and put many of us out of a livelihood.

This is being too simplistic but it puts the whole fortune thing into stark perspective. Seeing the disparity in fortune amongst God’s creatures, it would be feasible to pause, take a deep breath and look for course correction, maybe even a change in vehicle.

For those of you still reading, we can go a step further and define/re-define the very fortune we are chasing. Perhaps, as we chase a particular species of fortune, another drifts away. It is not all about fool’s gold you know?

– J.

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