Death by Meeting

In humor, Office, Wage Slaves on May 9, 2011 at 17:28

The third time your name is yelled out, you jump out of partial paralysis. Bright lights in an otherwise dark environment keep you disoriented. Questions circle your consciousness. Simple questions. Question like ‘Why me?’ and ‘Why was I born?’

Soon, intimate presence of other living beings becomes palpable. Their breathing and relative lack of hygeine painfully registering on your senses. And they are all staring at you in disbelief…’How could you…?’

This may look and feel like a Near Death Experience (NDE) to you but on paper, it is just another meeting. A pre-planned congregation of qualified human beings pooling their grey matter to create solid solutions for real problems.

It may also look like a bunch of paupers putting their two cents together trying to make a fortune. But you can’t be subjective, can you? Not with your stinking white hat on!

Just when you’re thinking: ‘If we go through this one more time, my head will explode!’- It happens.

‘I want you to update the projections on the Warner project. These figures are so…last month!’

You have never been in a medieval torture device but it can’t be much worse than this. Subtle brain damage would be hard to prove if you want to sue the company.

Putting their 2 cents together hoping to make a fortune

Desperation leads you to ask for a loo break. Thankfully, unlike your primary school, such requests are not turned down in a corporate environment.

As you look at your harrowed self in the washroom mirror, you realize you cannot be paid enough for playing mad angles every day. (See it in action, here)

The first step is admitting it.

– J.

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