With a Cigarette in their hand…

In Health, humor, Office on May 17, 2011 at 03:12

It is a closed group with complex social dynamics. There is a hierarchy and detailed customs. The Alpha usually controls the proceedings. In his absence or late coming, a deputy may take over. However, on Alpha’s eventual arrival, the deputy meekly surrenders the throne.

In the Flesh

A payload of camaraderie ensues as the day’s proceedings goes up in smoke through intense interaction. The general form is relaxed, almost casual. To the onlooker outside the pack, the whole thing exudes a ‘we came, we saw, we filed’ demeanor.

It is only 10 am, time for the day’s second smoke.

For most nicotine junkies, this is the manliest thing they do on a given day. Sometimes, you think they are better off this way. Having doodled/photoshoped them without their moustaches on a never-ending Friday afternoon, you have serious doubts about their…modesty. The figure hugging polo-necks sported on casual Saturdays have not helped their cause either.


You would think they are discussing some serious manly stuff. But if you happen to stray too close to the pack and overhear the banter, this is what you may probably chance upon:

Smoker α:   I think tea is giving me acidity.

Smoker β:   I hear you.

Smoker β1: Really?

There is more intellectual fodder on offer, but you choose to move on.

Ethics and support groups aside, you experience new-found respect for heritage brands that made cigarettes what they are today. Had the folks in these frontier companies relied on something akin to modern day consumer profiling/consumer connect, we would have had these daisies in our collective conscious as the essential smokers. It might not have encouraged as many people to smoke which would have been a good thing. I would still prefer a cow boy though…

But it is only 10 am yet. The best ideas usually emerge after the 5th stick.

–          J.

  1. Touché Sam!

    But mocking one for being without stick dsn help ur cause

    but u do possess the astute eye of an awakened soul

    also appreciate u wiki-ing nerve compression n wat not

  2. Dear J,

    Although I like your post most of the time, I think you overstepped the smoker’s boundary with this one.
    Needless to say when you come into our nicotine circle without your own stick, your eyes water and you are forced to cough.
    So “ahem ahem” for you – who consider our “lighting it up” – some form of escapism, group building cave man like behavior, or just another ploy to move away from your desk…

    think again… at least we do not visit the loo now and then to prevent compression of sciatic nerves and piriformis syndrome caused by of sitting on your wallets for long hours.

  3. We can’t leave the discussion without Mr. Lawyer:

  4. well put

    Zeitgeist fan?

  5. Anyone who has to “work for their money” instead of “having money work for them” is definitely a wage slave.

  6. if Jack is involved, we are talking about a whole new plain of consciousness


    severe acidity based on what end of the ‘Smoking Man Evolution chart’ one falls on

    • Jack can definitely give some imaginative plains of consciousness or unconsciousness. I also like your blog name. Is there a union?

      • Hey, thanks. The name really stuck. Although, any google search with the word slave in it can leave one red-faced

        The site is intended to be more of a white board for all wage slaves

  7. What ideas emerge after the 10th stick, or a stick coupled with a shot of Jack and Coke?

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