The Artiste` and the Doodler

In humor, Office, Wage Slaves on June 12, 2011 at 04:54

How come when I do it’s a doddle and when ‘they’ do it, its art?

…is a question one often asks one’s non-artistic self.

‘Some people are born artistes’ (hope I spelt that correctly) is another annoying preclusive phrase one comes across. If you believe otherwise, would it not make sense to go to great lengths to become an artiste or some such? The recent demise of M. F. Hussain and press it got doodled this post in my head.

A Doodle of the Artiste'

Just consider the benefits:

»      No fixed timings

»      No groveling for approvals

»      You get to choose your co-workers, if any

»      No shaving

»      You can wear sandals and a ragged excuse for clothing and still look hip

»      You can wear sunglasses and hats indoors without anyone cracking a lame-ass joke

»      You can buy Ferrari’s on down payment, no petty EMI business

»      And to top it all…tax breaks!

All these USPs are besides great pay, obscene margins, discounts at pubs and hobnob buddies who look decades better than the hottest chick in your office.

There must be reasons why some artiste’s make a killing with their two pence while others blog in obscurity with their five dollars. You are tempted to make fate the prime suspect. Circumstance; fate’s rural cousin, can be co-accused.

Fooling oneself is a luxury most of us afford ourselves. The truth is; artistes may be hooked on coke or worse, but you and I, are hooked on a monthly salary. Albeit, it shouldn’t keep you from noticing the art in everyday life:

»      The way you prop up the Monitor with just the right number and thickness of old files

»      The way can give Chopin a run for his money on the keyboard when you are in Excel mode

»      The way you renew your ‘action plans’ every month by merely re-ordering the same words

Created by an industrious fellow wage slave

If you can do all this and still doodle for a living, who cares about Sotheby’s, right?

– J.

  1. much of Picasso is incoherent to me

    thnx for dropping by

  2. I delude myself in thinking that my incoherent doodle’s are Picassos.

  3. I can’t even doodle, so I have even less pressure!

  4. The monthly salary reference; off course, is courtesy Mr. Taleb (

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