Casual Day

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You know you have seen this guy before. You just know it. Yet, you greet him like a stranger. Eveyrone infact, looks oddly unfamiliar. You are either in the ‘Twilight Zone’ or on a reality show with a Deja Vu’ theme. Just as you are about to settle into the ignorance, your boss’s ill-fitting jeans hits you in the face.

It is…casual day.

Yes, C-Day, the one day in the week when…you work, but…you can try to look more hip, at your own risk. And most people do. But not you. You don’t think much of C-day. You think it is fleeting and make-believe, like X’mas in prison.

As in most ideological debates, you are in the minority. As with most minorities, you feel looked down and sneered upon. All you want to do is to look like you had showed up to work and not to deliver pizza. Also, you want to avoid looking like you spent half an hour in the morning to wriggle into your jeans.

Over several dull weeks, you learn to live with this phenomenon. The jeans genre thinks you are trying too hard. You think they are trying too little. C-day does remind you of people’s names though: same shirt Sam, too tight Tim, bright and burly Bridget andΒ  loose-fit Larry.

On an otherwise forgettable C-day, you happen to be in SIC‘s cabin at an opportune moment. Your presence there is random, for a signature. But when IT engineer ‘Bob’ enters SIC’s cabin, the randomness gives way to providence. Bubble Boy Bob (BBB) has always been on the way side of even the jeans genre. Just as he clears the niggle on SIC’s computron, he can’t help but pop a bubble with the gum he is chewing.

An eerie silence ensues…

Even BBB knows that was faux pas.

‘Thank you,’ says SIC, his voice betraying his murderous intentions.

As soon as the door closes on BBB’s hurried retreat, SIC calls his deputy, Head Slave (HS): ‘I didn’t know circus outfits were allowed in this office’ he spits into the receiver, following it up with strict Nazi dress code instructions.

As he hangs up, he looks at you. Your formal demeaneur seems to provide some solace.

‘Workforce these days…’ he trails off.

You walk out with a deserved smugness on face, brownie points in bag.

– J.

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  4. I can see why it was selected to be FP–brilliant as usual. I SO glad you finally got the recognition you deserve! πŸ™‚

  5. Nice! When I worked in a gym I never had to worry about these things.

  6. Wow, I’ll be your new devoted fan. I alike, have seen the mismatching Mary, Loving the 90s Lisa, carrot tops in a suit, sarah plain and talls at my offices as well (easy on my rhymes it’s still Tuesday) and I have to say they humour me. Although Im a little supportive of my IT’s, they happen to only be the ones with some creative sense, or some brightness outlook throughout their days; in exception to one mocking you for not knowing why ms access cannot run a particular database due to permission issue regarding your clearance level…because you have none.
    Oh ya and my warden is beetlejuice…but slow and comically awkward

    call me serf

  7. Congratulations on your website!!
    Promote your website here.

  8. Before I became a work at home from my computer person I spent 25 years “dressing up” for work. I actually liked it. Even now when I can roll out of bed and work in my pj’s if I want, I don’t. I guess it is a mindset. Great post.

    • Getting dresssed sets the tone for the entire day. A good practice for the work at home. A regular schedule of getting up eating b-fast and getting dressed is important to momentum.
      And Casual Day is good for the day you are deep cleaning your work speace, moving file, etc. otherwise, you can be comfy and not dress like you should be on the construction team.
      Fun Post! Congrats on Freshly Pressed. AmberLena

      • Hi Amber

        tht makes a lot of sense many wordpress bloggers have ‘work from home’ set-up I am curious as to what its like and if it pays as much as a regular day job

    • Hi newsy1

      how is it working out for you, work from home?

  9. congratulations for making it on Freshly pressed.. πŸ™‚ i wish i could be featured in it too..

    • Thanks I have been blogging for over 5 years I am new to wordpress though (Since Jan’11)

      even when readership was minscule, I blogged wid a gusto purely coz I love doing this glad it has been recognized in some form but one can’t discount the element of luck

  10. hey..great post… i’d appreciate if u’d visit my blog as well. cheers πŸ™‚

  11. Congrats.I loved this post

  12. hehehehe πŸ˜€ .. nice one πŸ˜€

  13. Haha I love this blog. Its so funny. πŸ™‚

  14. I think the whole paradigm of workplace etiquette is silly, but since I am forced to participate, I think going your way is the best.

  15. This is even funny to a kid like me!

  16. Congratulations my friend!! I’m sooo happy for you and this is a very well written piece πŸ™‚ C-Day doesn’t mean BGP-behavior (bubble gum popping). Doing that in the work force is like picking your nose in class …

    • hahahaha

      BGP is like picking your nose in class – after joining wordpress, I have realized the possibilities for sharp analogies are limitless

      Thanks a lot Lafem πŸ™‚ Always glad to have you here

  17. On Christmas, do the prison guards go casual? What qualifies as prison guard casual? Would that be like shorts and a t-shirt, or skip the utility belt today? Inmates don’t get a whole lot of choice in the matter of apparel, do they?

  18. why do most people assume “casual” = “look like something the dog barfed up”?

  19. I’m so glad I’m in a field where the dress codes aren’t so rigid. I can wear jeans and sneakers daily. Some days a polo, some days a t-shirt. It’s really quite liberating.

  20. I work in an office where my boss is basically challenging me too dress causal. He tells me it’s okay, but he hasn’t stopped wearing button-up shirts and slacks. I smell a trap!

    I like your writing style a lot.

  21. Fun post! I avoid casual day by telling the truth: all of my few well-fitting pairs of jeans have survied so much college and/or outside work that they are no longer appropriate to wear to work, even on Friday. I don’t mind giving up jeans and sweats. Cotton sweaters and dress pants are just as comfortable and look much better. Just don’t ask me to give up shoes and socks for heels and nylons! (Not if I had to wear them every day at least.)

  22. Every time I am blessed with a casual day, I see it as a challenge. Finding the most psychedelic outfit I can is the mission. The more outrageous the blouse, boa, bell bottom combination, the better. Once I wore face paint. That wasn’t as well-received as I’d hoped.

  23. oh yeah, there’s always one in every office. Once worked with a guy who wore cargo shorts everyday to work that were about 2 sizes too small. His desk faced the wall so he’d spin around in his chair to face you and sat with legs far apart. I did tip him off to the multiple issues presented w/that and forever afterward insisted a table be between us.

  24. Personally, I have never seen the point of casual day. I mean… to me it is just more pressure to figure out what to wear in the morning…lol

  25. Haha, I love that. Especially the bit about “X-mas in Prison”
    I remember I had to think really hard on Casual day if what I was wearing was too casual or not.

  26. My friend I used to work with tried starting Hawaiian shirt Fridays and he “forgot” the second week so I looked like an ass.

  27. Casual Fridays / non-uniform days were always so stressful! The pressure to dig out something new that you haven’t worn on casual day before, to look fashionable but not like you’re trying too hard…so many things to think about! Aren’t there enough other things for us to be worrying about aside from what clothes to wear?!

    Enjoyed your post, very well-written! Congrats on getting on freshly Pressed πŸ™‚

  28. I have C day every day:) thats the advantage of working from home. I can write in my PJ’s

  29. Just Meeting Office no Talk to shawk

  30. Ha! Casual day, like Christmas in prison… exactly! I’ve had that conversation with someone once who asked me why casual day made me glum: “It just reinforces my desire to dress comfortably the other four workdays every week – preferably from my home office.”

  31. Hilarious post!! Oh, here I am in my blue jeans on C-Day…one of the few sweet pleasures in life.

    Great post and congrats on being Freshly Pressed! πŸ˜€

    P.S. As soon as I saw a photo from Office Space, I knew I was going to like this post…no matter what…haha.

  32. Ha ha, Loved office space.

  33. Great post. In England we call them non uniform day (well at school we did) man that was the most stressful day of the year. People’s credibility was either made or broken-it’s hard being a teenager!

  34. On my casual days, we have restrictions on what we can wear. More like conservative casual.

  35. im casual every day lol

  36. when teaching, i remember seeing a coworker once show up in sweats, matching sweatpants and shirts to be exact. that’s right, matching. and, grey to boot.

    then I recall seeing our principal walk directly up to her and ask politely if she had a moment. hah.

    • I’ve got a class to take tomorrow myself but I think I’ll have to give it a miss to catch all the freshly pressed action

      I would never wear sweats, except if I was a character in ‘Community’

  37. I work in a lab and its causal at the best of times. One slow day (without any oil sampling) the guy next to states that he is glad he finally gets to dress up today instead of wearing jeans. I thought it was a crazy statement………our worlds is like opposites… must be my Bizzaro Jerry!

  38. I find it very interesting to see people in their ‘normal clothes’. Like Eva, our office is mostly casual. Although it’s great to wear jeans, on the days I do dress up I feel I’m more productive. Our casual days are taken to new limits however, here are things I see on a daily basis: baseball hats, hooded sweatshirts, fishnet stockings, barely cheek-covering mini-skirts and hooker boots, holey jeans and beer t-shirts. I do believe there is ‘too casual’ in the workplace.

  39. i almost feel bad sharing this, but in my office, everyday is casual day. it’s a laid back and creative environment, and as long as you keep it appropriate and dress it up a bit for client meetings, just about anything goes. casual days are under rated. they put me in a better mood. there’s just something about wearing jeans to work πŸ™‚

  40. Ha, funny and a good reminder I need to rewatch this movie and find my red swingline.

  41. lol, casual day is always interesting. Most strange to see some people in their “normal” getup. Great post.

  42. “…fleeting and make-believe, like Xmas in prison.”



    Today, of course, is Casual Day in my office. Perhaps one of my last in the 9-to-5 workforce, as I’m on the verge of making a go of a full-time freelance writing career.

    And the idea that I don’t have to endure another C-Day? Totally on my list of reasons to make the jump…

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