Formal Syntax

In Boss, Interpersonal, Office humor on October 29, 2011 at 23:05

You never trained for speed reading. But it seems to come naturally when going through official communication. Meant to confuse, stall or otherwise bore you to death, official mails sound like your pastor and second grade teacher combined.

Sometimes you worry you may have missed something important. But this notion is brought to rest when you notice a strange syntax in Head Slave’s latest one liner:

What was that at the end? Is it a typoed full stop? Could it be…? Do you think?

After a couple of minutes of staring at the back-lit screen, you have to accept the horror that is upon you: HS has finally taken to emoticons! You re-check to ascertain the exact nature of the syntax in question. Is it really smiling? HS has never been known to smile in person. Some say he is physically incapable of doing so.

This is a guy who uses words like gumption for one. And the uncoolness of exchanging smileys with your boss is rivaled only by your Mom adding you on Facebook! But there it is, staring at you at the end of another cryptic one liner sent from his fruity phone.

What is next? Will he start mouthing lol in conversations? Will he ‘super like’ suggestions during meetings? You cannot let this blasphemy unravel. So you send this reply:

You almost used ‘yours truly’ but it always creeps you out. All you can do now is hope that you do not have to encounter an emoticon on a firewall sanctioned webpage again.

–          J.

  1. Another funny post about slavery in the digital age. I love the variety of your posts and the focus of your blog … you’re definitely doing it right 🙂 LOL on fruity phone ….

    • Hi Lafem

      The thought does occur to post an occasional top 10, video, stats etc but there are enough sites doing that

      Sometimes, it seems challenging to keep with the theme and maintain a certain standard of writing Scott Adams says he is never short of ideas and many never grace print So I intend to keep going

      I am never going to get a fruity phone, I will hold out till it becomes a crime not to have one!

  2. Emoticons at work–great topic. It’s so much better than having to actually smile at your boss.

    I love the line about mouthing “lol”! I’m going to restrain from any emoticons in deference to your fabulous post.

  3. haha! i love those shots of the office 🙂

    have you heard of this blog?

    i think you’d really like it

    • wow what a resource! seems like a full time job for the author Thanks Whitney

      When I thought Authority figure + embarrassing, it had to be Michael Scott And this was a particularly memorable episode of ‘The Office’

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